Retirement Benefit Calculator Disclaimers

This retirement benefit calculator is intended solely for members of the District of Columbia Police Officers and Firefighters' Retirement Plan and the District of Columbia Teachers' Retirement Plan. Please refer to your copy of the District of Columbia Retirement Summary Plan Description booklet for further information.

The calculator is provided to retirement plan members to aid in estimating their retirement benefit. This tool processes the information you provide and applies retirement rules to calculate your benefit. The calculator does not access any information from any other source or store the information you have entered.

For more information about benefit estimates, please refer to the District of Columbia Teachers' Retirement Plan if you are a teacher. Refer to the District of Columbia Police Officers' and Firefighters' Retirement Plan if you are a Police Officer or Firefighter.

Please be aware that the results of this calculation are an estimate based on the information you enter into the calculator. The accuracy of your pension estimate will depend on how closely the data entered into the calculator matches your information at retirement. This estimate does not take into account technical pay for Police Officers and Firefighters, cost of living increases, promotions, and other factors that will affect your average base pay at retirement. The calculator has been provided solely to assist you with your financial planning. Your actual retirement benefits will be determined when you formally apply for retirement.

For firefighters, base pay also includes longevity pay. For police officers, if you have at least 25 years of total creditable service, base pay also includes longevity pay. Please see your Summary Plan Description for more information.

If there is a conflict between this calculation and the Plan, the Plan takes precedence. The District of Columbia Retirement Board has no liability or obligation, either legal or equitable, to pay any amount as a result of using these calculators.

To make final retirement decisions, please contact your human resources department.

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